Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some character planning.

My LOTRO characters and their spouses. (This is mostly just a reference post for me)

  • Alellea Inkwell (hobbit guardian) - Hahlen Highbrook (hobbit burglar)
  • Malyndael Everfaith (elf hunter) - Elthiriond Silverfair (elf champion)
  • Niralieth Fairsmoke (woman warden) - Eodlarwyn Windsoft (woman captain)
  • Tahlae Highbrook (hobbit hunter) - Bosric Brighttune (hobbit minstrel)
  • Faemaril Stellbright (elf lore-master) - Telanwe Swiftgaze (elf guardian)
  • Miliori Mistydawn (dwarf rune-keeper) - Rimilan Gentlewood (dwarf champion)
I don't even have any race of men...men. Oops. 
Wow I need to stop making new characters. (But I just had to make sure they all had a spouse)



  1. Replies
    1. I was so surprised when I realized I haven't made any yet haha

  2. oh, hello Hahlen =)
    Coming up with the names must have been tough!

    1. He's a real cutie, isn't he? :D
      Lol, I was up till around 3 am trying to come up with names. It was so worth it. xD