Saturday, January 18, 2014

What I've been up to in virtual Middle-earth.

I've been pretty productive this past LOTRO! I got Alellea, my guardian, to level 50 FINALLY. It seemed like it took forever. I've been questing in Forochel since I didn't feel like the Trollshaws was that much fun. I really really do like Forochel, especially at night! It's taking me a long time to become kindred with the Lossoth, I only just made it to ally this week. I am determined to get all of the cloaks! And the prized tundra steed.

I also FINALLY got into Moria. A hunter friend ported me over to where the beginning quest starts and I was sooooo excited. I was freaking out when I got to the black pool and almost cried when I first saw the doors of Durin. I kinda just stayed in one place and stared at the doors for a while before I could continue the quest. I was freaking out again when I saw the watcher of the water's tentacle and then I freaked out some more when it took Broin. I was basically yelling "OH S***" over and over again in my mind.

I haven't delved too far into Moria just yet, I only did a few quests. I still need a goat. *sigh* I barely stepped into this place and already I had to fight a huge disgusting spider. It was hard to kill since I was squinting... did I mention that spider was huge??? Definitely not looking forward to facing even bigger ones later on in the game.
Hopefully I'll have enough time this weekend to do more quests. Wait, actually I should finish up those six book quests I have that are just sitting in my log... And I still need to get kindred with Forochel. SO MUCH TO DO.

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