Saturday, December 28, 2013

For when I can make new characters.

I'm hoping to get a 3 month VIP subscription to LOTRO for my birthday (which is April 30 so I have a while to wait) and I'm already starting to plan out who my characters will be.

First up is a woman captain from Dale.
I'm feeling names that begin with L or C. I may change it a little so that her eyes are dark but I do like that silvery/blue color.
I haven't tried out the captain class yet, I wonder if I'll enjoy it.
I do love being able to wear heavy armor.
There are so little good hairstyles to choose from for women it's not fair.
Hmmm I may want to make her hair white.
Am I trying to turn her into Storm we just don't know.

Next is a dwarf runekeeper from the Iron Hills.
I've never created a dwarf so I'm kind of excited to be able to play as one!
Yes I see that he's dressed as a minstrel, let's just ignore that.
Dwarves have such COOL hair options! Lots of braids and long beards.
His name will probably begin with an I or D.

I also want to make a champion, an elf from Lorien.
His name will begin with an E I've already decided.
Also I've decided to pair him with my elf hunter, Malyndael. Yup.

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  1. I just finished the intro quest with my super-handsome captain and I already love this class. The one-handed sword is beautiful for fighting!