Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh saaaay can you seeeee my eeeyes? If you can then my hair's too short!

This is going to be a pretty boring post... it's about my hair.

I currently have short hair and have had short hair for a while now.

Before that my hair was a short of medium-short (?) length. (2011)

And before that my hair was pretty long. (2010)

I've been thinking about growing out my hair for a while. I want to one day cosplay as Wan from The Legend of Korra and he has long-ish hair.

And Rachel wants me to get my haircut to look like Mako Mori.
I'm thinking about it!

I think I've had enough of short hair. I never know how to style it. I'd include some images of my failed attempts but naaaaah, I'll spare you. I miss having hair that I can put into a pony tail.

Hopefully my hair doesn't take too long to grow out.

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