Friday, October 4, 2013

Beorn Thoughts

Quick thoughts on Beorn:

  • not hairy enough
  • seriously, where is the chest hair
  • the empty space where the beard would be mocks me
  • looks strangely orange. but that's most likely due to the editing and photograph
  • hair is surprisingly light
  • he has no chest hair
  • this guy turns into a bear. where is the body hair
  • this is nothing like how I pictured Beorn
  • he looks like he's in mid transformation
I feel like they wanted Beorn to appeal to a particular audience so they made him more "hunky" (the hairless, smooth, exposed chest).

I look forward to seeing Mikael Persbrandt portray him. I hear good things about him. Hopefully he'll be able to distract me from thinking about werewolves.

Did I mention the lack of body hair?

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