Friday, August 1, 2014

Tolkien Artist Fridays: Angela Rizza

I'm actually getting my Tolkien Artist Fridays post up kind of early this week! This week I'm going to be talking about one of my favorite artists, Angela Rizza, you can visit her official website here. Her style is very recognizable, she has a real talent for lines and making it flow within each piece of work, and the colors she uses! They're vibrant and make the subject matter really "pop." You can read more about Angela in this interview I did with her for Middle-earth News.

This illustration of Bilbo is one of my FAVORITES. There's something so fantastical about it, like I can feel the wind blowing through the grass and flowers.
This next one shows the scene from The Hobbit when Bilbo and the Company are riding on the Eagles. Look closely at the line work in the feathers and clouds, it's amazing!
Another one of my favorites is this piece of Éowyn and the Witch King. It's a dramatic scene, and I really love the bright colors and flowers on her head, it makes it have a different feeling than other depictions of this moment. Like things may actually take a turn for the better because of this victory.

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