Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some character planning.

My LOTRO characters and their spouses. (This is mostly just a reference post for me)

  • Alellea Inkwell (hobbit guardian) - Hahlen Highbrook (hobbit burglar)
  • Malyndael Everfaith (elf hunter) - Elthiriond Silverfair (elf champion)
  • Niralieth Fairsmoke (woman warden) - Eodlarwyn Windsoft (woman captain)
  • Tahlae Highbrook (hobbit hunter) - Bosric Brighttune (hobbit minstrel)
  • Faemaril Stellbright (elf lore-master) - Telanwe Swiftgaze (elf guardian)
  • Miliori Mistydawn (dwarf rune-keeper) - Rimilan Gentlewood (dwarf champion)
I don't even have any race of men...men. Oops. 
Wow I need to stop making new characters. (But I just had to make sure they all had a spouse)


Saturday, December 28, 2013

For when I can make new characters.

I'm hoping to get a 3 month VIP subscription to LOTRO for my birthday (which is April 30 so I have a while to wait) and I'm already starting to plan out who my characters will be.

First up is a woman captain from Dale.
I'm feeling names that begin with L or C. I may change it a little so that her eyes are dark but I do like that silvery/blue color.
I haven't tried out the captain class yet, I wonder if I'll enjoy it.
I do love being able to wear heavy armor.
There are so little good hairstyles to choose from for women it's not fair.
Hmmm I may want to make her hair white.
Am I trying to turn her into Storm we just don't know.

Next is a dwarf runekeeper from the Iron Hills.
I've never created a dwarf so I'm kind of excited to be able to play as one!
Yes I see that he's dressed as a minstrel, let's just ignore that.
Dwarves have such COOL hair options! Lots of braids and long beards.
His name will probably begin with an I or D.

I also want to make a champion, an elf from Lorien.
His name will begin with an E I've already decided.
Also I've decided to pair him with my elf hunter, Malyndael. Yup.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My first day in Frostbluff.

Over the last few weeks I've made multiple posts on Twitter/Facebook about my excitement for the Yule Festival in LOTRO because I've been hearing so many good things about it and I COULDN'T WAIT. I even contemplated staying up late to wait for the moment it started but I wasn't dedicated enough.

Well it's only been one day and I already caved and got my main a new pony (do not trust me around turbine points okay, especially around the holidays because I will spoil my guardian rotten I swear), and got her a new outfit. I wish one of the ponies had a red/green color scheme, I'd be all over that. And I'm still too low to get a war horse, I'm only level 42. (BUT SOOON.) So it's been a pretty successful day for Alellea, though I can't say the same for my alts... mostly because I used them all to buy stuff for her. (Sorry Malyndael, Niralieth, and Tahlae! Love you.)

Not many of the other cosmetics interest me but I do have my eye on the theatre stage, the thespian title and some hats and gloves...I have enough time!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tolkien Headcanons #2

Tonight I found out that Luke Evans is a pretty dang good singer AND THEN I found out he played Roger in a West End production of Rent. Rent is my favorite musical so naturally I FREAKED OUT and then proceeded to listen to all the songs I could find of Luke singing in the musical.
Okay I have a headcanon now that Bard would sing his wife love songs till she fell asleep. And he would sometimes wake her up while he hummed in her ear and kissed her cheek.
And when she was on her deathbed, she asked him to sing her her favorite song and he did while trying to fight back tears.Their children watched from afar and softly sang along. And as Bard reached the last verse, she closed her eyes and smiled before taking her last breath.
He then finished the song before letting himself cry.

Don't look at me, don't touch me. I made myself dead inside.


When I started LOTRO a couple years ago I didn't know I would get so attached to my characters. Well it took a while, I deleted my first two a while back. Mostly because I had no idea what I was doing and I sucked. I was a horrible LOTRO player. I'm still not great but at least I know how to walk in a straight line now! My first (new) character is an elf hunter from Rivendell named Malyndael, but my second character ended up becoming my favorite. (Sorry to all of my other characters!)

This is my main, Alellea Inkwell, a guardian from the Shire. She loves watching the sun set (yes I see the corniness), freshly baked bread (she's a horrible baker but luckily her mom is one of the best bakers in all of the Shire) and pouring over her father's maps. She's from a family of six, her mother, father, and three younger siblings.

After losing her father a few years back, Alellea took on the responsibility to take care of her two brothers and sister. Her story isn't an extremely uncommon one, but it's a sad one nonetheless. She works hard to help raise her younger siblings along side her mother.

Alellea is only 24, still in her tweens, and her siblings are six (Aldrell - the youngest), eight (Areldoc) and 15 (Althenia). Her mother, Althelle, is a very skilled cook and baker but she works as a teacher, helping mold the minds of young hobbit children. Her father, Thaendro, was an artistic soul and expressed his talent through his maps. He enjoyed going on the occasional journey, but never beyond Bree. He always liked being close to his family in Hobbiton and never liked to be away for too long. Alellea grew up learning the art of cartography from her father and she was fascinated by the lines her father drew and places he would talk about. Out of all of the children, she showed the most interest in her father's profession. Her father's "study" was (and still is) filled with bookshelves full of parchment, boxes of quills, bottles of inks in almost every color imaginable and the faint smell of pipe-weed and lemons.

She doesn't mind wearing a dress every once in a while but she prefers to wear jackets and trousers - since it's more comfortable to travel in. While her father was alive, she sometimes went with him when he traveled all across the Shire and she would work on her own maps. The journeys always took a long time because Alellea would keep stopping and sketching everything that caught her eye. Now she prefers to journey alone, but that could be because she doesn't like going places with other people as much as her dad. She makes sure to have her fathers "lucky" quill on her whenever she's traveling. She still makes multiple stops to sketch, but her pony, Thea, is used to it so she doesn't mind.

Alellea is a quiet soul, not a big fan of big gatherings and parties. She'll happily spend an entire day studying her father's maps and the ones he received over the years from fellow travelers. I would say she's shy as well, only having a few close friends, but that doesn't bother her. Her closest friend is a hobbit hunter named Tahlae Highbrook.

Aldrell constantly begs Alellea to draw him pictures of far off lands and animals and she is always happy to oblige. Alellea currently lives on her own now but she's only a few holes away from her family. Just the way she likes it. She now has a good sized collection of her own maps and even some designs of hobbit holes she hopes to build one day, but it's far fetched since she's not skilled in construction. The walls in her home are filled with her father's maps and drawings, but her favorite one is hung above her bed. It's an unfinished drawing of Alellea and her siblings sleeping on the floor in her family's home in front of the fire. It's also her mother's favorite but she didn't mind parting with it because she knew it made Alellea happy.

Okay this turned out to be MUCH longer than I expected. I should probably sleep now, goodnight.

Quick DOS Thoughts

Jumbled thoughts ahead, just a warning!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Those Little Moments #1

There are these small moments in the LOTR trilogy that make me so happy. Well, come make me happy, some make me sad but they make me feel.

I was doing a re-listen of the soundtracks today and the song when the Fellowship is leaving Rivendell came on. Which I LOVE. The music starts out soft, and it sounds a little fragile, almost trembling. You see the Fellowship starting their journey and they're walking across a bridge, then you see them walking with Rivendell in the background. As they're doing this the music is getting juuuuust a little bit more intense, but still quiet. The shot goes to them walking across vast plains, there's panoramic shots, beautiful scenery, all that good stuff. The music gets louder, quicker and I always get a slight anxious feeling, but an excited kind of anxious.

AND THEN IT HAPPENS. The Fellowship walks past those rocks and the music INTENSIFIES.