Saturday, June 21, 2014

Those Little Moments #2

Gifs help me see and appreciate small moments from movies/television shows that I never really noticed before. I've been giffing LOTR for a few years now and though it is extremely annoying and tedious (and makes my wrists feel like they're breaking) I've discovered many new things and it made my love for those movies even stronger. So I'm just going to include from gifs from the trilogy that tug at my heart strings the most.

Aragorn's coronation turns me into an emotional mess but to be fair I'm already an emotional mess by the time this scene happens. I only noticed this moment this year and makes me want to cry. It looks like Elrond is saying "Go to him." And he looks at her with so much love and sadness because he knows she and Aragorn truly love each other but he knows he will eventually need to leave her. And he won't be there for the rest of her life, to see her children, to be able to spend time with his daughter and I'm going to cry. "None saw her last meeting with Elrond her father, for they went up into the hills and there spoke long together, and bitter was their parting that should endure beyond the ends of the world." This post sums up my emotions pretty well.

Then comes Aragorn and Arwen's kiss AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED BECAUSE I WILL NEVER STOP. The way he looks at her, like he cannot believe she's really there. And then she looks at him so hopeful and full of love and happiness that they can finally be together and THEN THEY KISS AND IT'S A GREAT KISS, THEY SPIN, SMILE, KISS SOME MORE IT'S GREAT. Sorry for the excessive caps.

After the initial kiss they just look at each other, Arwen is stroking Aragorn's hair, he has a look of pure joy on his face it's all too much. The joy quickly turns into something else I don't really know how to explain, it's like a look of wanting I guess.

Then comes the second kiss and they way he looks at her for a little while before closing his eyes I just. It's like he's trying to make sure he remembers this one moment, her lips against his, this one moment of bliss.

Ughugh then they smile and it's all too much for me to handle.

*sigh* Okay that's it. Man, eleven years later and I'm still smiling like an idiot over those two. I hate them. (I love them.)

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