Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bookcase Tour

Aside from my bookshelves that I use for my Tolkien collection, I have another book case where I store all of my other books. For a while I kept it in another room but yesterday I decided to move it into my room, so now my space is kind of crowded. But totally worth it.

The top shelf is for my various YA novels that I read, including Harry Potter and The Hunger Games trilogy. As you can tell I only have the dust jackets for those, a cousin of mine is borrowing them.

Second shelf contains some classics, horror novels and Sherlock Holmes. And others.

This my overcrowded Fantasy shelf, poor things have no room to breathe. There's some Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin and Terry Brooks. As well as The Princess Bride, Howl's Moving Castle and some older series given to me by my dad.

This shelf is pretty empty, I want to dedicate it to some comics, graphic novels and books with nice art in it. The comics are random issues of Creepy and Eerie, and Fables.

Bottom part is for my art books. On painters, history, different cultures, how to books, designs and so on. 

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