Friday, April 18, 2014


This has been a pretty good week for Alellea, she got three new ponies, a bunch of new great maps and some other goodies from the anniversary festival.
This first pony is the Steed of Odogil which I actually really really love. I was bracing myself for another tablecloth mount that would make me feel unimpressed but that didn't happen this time. The colors are really nice, and so is the subtle design in the caparison. Then there's the gold part on the love love!!! His name is Astral.

I was upset to see that the red Fireworks Laden steed wasn't available to purchase with festival tokens, I've had my eye on it for a while and was looking forward to getting it for my guardian. Oh well, at least the teal one I could get! At first I didn't really like the color scheme, not a huge teal fan apparently, but it grew on me. Now I need to get that teal firework backpack, it all must match! Decided to name him Rocket, for obvious reasons.

My third pony of the week is the Prized Rivendell Steed. Thanks to completing the Moria map deed, I had a bunch of marks just waiting to be used to finally get kindred with the Elves of Rivendell. Getting kindred means, of course, new pony! (Except with Bree. I still don't have that steed.) After many attempts to name her (Pearl and River didn't work out), I named her Tansa. Nope, not after Sansa. The Filipino word for copper is Tanso, so I went with that (I wasn't going to keep the Copperhide name, I mean really).

Aside from the ponies, I got all the ponies and the windmill housing decorations. Now it's time to concentrate on getting some cosmetics. Overall I think this festival is okay, the fireworks are really pretty. And I'm finally starting to MASTER the horse races.

I also got this mask from a skirmish camp...look at it. I needed it.

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