Monday, January 20, 2014

LOTRO Character Bios

**Yes. I am aware not everything I've written is canon.**

 Alellea "Inkwell" Fairbloom (guardian): To help her mother, Alellea took on the role of second parent (only at age 20 - barely in her tweens) to her three younger siblings after her father died. Like her father, she studies the art of cartography and hopes to be as good as he was. She spends her time pouring over her father's maps and making her way across the Shire. As a few years went by she decided she wanted to see as much of Middle-earth as much as she can, something her father never got to do.
After her mom assured Alellea that she and the little ones would be okay she started her journey. She is often found in shops buying supplies for maps or silently sitting in taverns listening to live music by the fireplace. Alellea a fairly quiet hobbit and isn't quick to talk to new people but she's very kind and open to make friends. Though her surname is Fairbloom she has started to use Inkwell when meeting strangers, but once she becomes comfortable around someone she'll reveal her real name.

 Berenlas Clearswift (captain): Berenlas is a joker, a comedian, a comic, a entertainer a -- well you get the idea. He's a little immature but has a good heart. Though his family is originally from Dale he grew up in Gondor. After his father met a woman from Gondor (Berenlas' mother) in Dale while she was trading, they made plans to get married and he ended up leaving with her. Growing up as an only child he never really had to share "the spotlight", as he liked to call it. His best friends are an elf (Elithiriond) and a hobbit (Hahlen) and when they're together they can be a little obnoxious. Berenlas loves to make weapons, any weapons really. Swords, daggers, axes, anything. He considers them to have a "fierce" kind of beauty.
One day while he was on his daily run, he passed by an elf sitting by a campfire with her face deep in a notebook. As he got a little closer he could hear her softly humming, and for a while he stood still listening to her voice. I guess you could say he was "love struck."

 Elthiriond Goldblade (champion): Elthiriond is a charmer to say the least. He doesn't like the idea of anyone being unhappy so he will gladly go out of his way yo cheer people up. He always tries to see the good in people and believes in a true heart above all else. Many are surprised to find out that he is at a mature age for an elf since he isn't as "wise" as some.
After meeting Berenlas in Bree they discovered that they have a common interest, weapons. While Berenlas likes to dabble in all types of weapons, Elthiriond's greatest love is the sword. They often meet up to discuss their dream of opening up a shop together. One day at the Prancing Pony he passed by a Mirkwood elf and hasn't been able to stop thinking about her and why she seemed so sad.

Éolinas Greenfield (minstrel):  She grew up in a family of four, her parents and a younger sister, on a small farm in Rohan. For the majority of her life she's worked with her hands and took on the responsibility of taking care of all the animals. She's in training to become a healer, her greatest passion. She left her home in hopes of finding a better place to study the art of healing and that's how she met Niralieth, a woman from Gondor.
They met while shopping for herbs in Bree and instantly became friends which grew into more. Now they happily live together in Bree and sometimes travel together to see places they've always wanted to see. Their goal is to one day reach Rivendell to see the Last Homely House and see how elves heal.

 Faemaril Stellbright (lore-master): Faemaril was once a happy and content Mirkwood elf with a family she adored. One night she and her husband and baby were attacked by a small group of spiders. She and her husband, Telanwë, attempted to fight them off but sadly their child died. After finally killing them all, her husband was too wounded to survive and though Faemaril tried to save him he didn't make it. She couldn't stand the sadness of losing her family and living in the place where she lost them. So she left in search of a new place to live where she wouldn't succumb to her grief.
Faemaril sometimes comes across as cold but she has a kind soul and will talk to new people when she's ready. She somehow became friends with a a particularly calm and wise dwarf who is always around to listen to Faemaril's stories and issues. Though she is far from home she is starting to build a new life and is so far enjoying herself and making new friends.

Hahlen Highbrook (burglar): Hahlen grew up with stories about Bilbo Baggins and his adventure with a company of dwarves. He's become a dwarf history enthusiast and read everything the Shire had to offer. Sadly, since there aren't a lot of books and maps dedicated to dwarves, he left the Shire to further his studies. He doesn't know if he'll ever get to do it, but he hopes to step foot into Moria one day. The thing he's most excited about traveling is meeting actual dwarves and learning everything they know. He isn't at all hesitant to approach dwarves, which worries his mother. Like his sister, Tahlae, he is very sociable... and kinda loud. Luckily he and his sister met a nice thoughtful dwarf in Bree who's happy to answer any of Hahlen's questions.
Not only is he a budding history expert, he also likes to dabble in the study of jewels/gems like his grandfather. He has a decent collection which he keeps in a special pouch in his pack. While he and Tahlae were in a tavern in Bree, he saw a hobbit sitting by herself in the corner by the fireplace drawing what looked like to be a map. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her.

Malyndael Everfaith (hunter): Being born into a wealthy family in Rivendell, Malyndael has never really known what it was like to do things on her own. After a century of being pampered she decided that she had had enough of that life. She couldn't imagine spending the rest of her life being waited on hand and foot so she left her home and parents to see what else life had to offer. She quickly became skilled at archery and loves to be out in the wilderness. She doesn't like the idea of owing people anything so she tries her hardest to fend for herself which is why she became a hunter.
She is a very good singer but hardly anyone knows. Singing is something she likes to keep to herself. When she goes to inns and taverns she's usually by the fire writing poems or lyrics for songs. On her travels she ran into Alellea and they both found that they enjoy each other's silent company. Malyndael has gotten so comfortable around the hobbit that she even allows herself to hum when they're together. She also keeps catching the eye of a certain man from Dale...

Míliori Mistyeye (rune-keeper): Unlike the rest of his family, Miliori likes to avoid conflict as much as he can. While many of his peers went off on expeditions to Moria he decided to see the world. He enjoys making his own ale, writing songs, and is a self proclaimed tea expert. He's a pretty social dwarf and is always happy to help people out. He has grown quite fond of Faemaril and sees her as a daughter... though she's centuries older than him.
He has yet to meet that special dwarf and hopes to one day find the right lady, hopefully with a long beautiful beard. But in the mean time he's enjoying his time with his friends like Malyndael for example. He knows she's shy about her work but he sees potential in her. Miliori is probably one of the nicest most laid back dwarves you can meet, much to his brothers' disappointment.

Niralieth Whitesmoke (warden): Niralieth grew up in a small home in Minas Tirith with her parents and younger brother. None of her family were particularly good at cooking so she took it upon herself to learn. Neighbors always stopped by her home to try out her latest dishes. Her mother is a healer, and Niralieth learned the basics but sadly never had the time to learn everything. She still hopes to become a healer.
When she got older, around her late twenties, she set off to see other lands. During her travels she learned to cook a lot of various dishes from different cultures and even some healing techniques her mother didn't know about. Now she and Eolinas live together in Bree, taking the occasional unexpected journey.

Tahlae Highbrook (hunter): Tahlae is very adventurous and always worried her parents because she has a habit of climbing trees. When her and Hahlen were young they had a contest to see who could climb a tree the highest, hence the scars. They playfully bicker over who has the coolest scar. She and her brother are only four years apart and she's looking forward to the day when she'll finally become of age so she can hold it over her little brother.
She admires the bounders immensely but she doesn't want to just work in the Shire so she and her brother left to see what else was out there. Their first destination was Bree where they met all sorts of people, including Miliori. She got very attached to him and looks to him as a mentor. She also has a small crush on him, which is pretty obvious to everyone.


  1. Wow this is so entertaining to read. Kudos to all the work you've put into creating the bios! I'd looove to see someday a graphic novel with your characters!

    1. Thank you Maria!
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  2. I already love them all and I can't wait to meet them in LOTRO!
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